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Interior Units Displays Rotors Rotor Cages In Copper Alloy Cases

13mm interior unit

13mm display

13mm rotor

13mm unit in copper alloy case


15mm interior unit

15mm display

15mm rotor

15mm rotor cage

15mm unit in copper alloy case

20mm interior unit

20mm display

20mm rotor

20mm rotor cage

20mm unit in copper alloy case


Waltman interior init

Waltman display

Waltman rotor

Waltman rotor cage

Waltman unit in copper alloy case

New Product

15mm (5/8 in) Interior Units

Class C, R(Q3/Q1)=160
Resolution 0.1 liters
For sale both inside 
and outside of japan

Polyphenylene Sulfide(PPS)
 cases are under development
 Unit customization is
 possible to fit your original cases

20mm Interior Unit in Plastic Case

Tremendous Weight Reduction
(1/3 weight of Conventional Metal Casing Meters)
Theft Deterring  | Corrosion free  |  Non-conductivity

Case specifications such as 
resister display, joint screw size,
and span between ends
can be customized

PPS Case
High Dimensional Stability
Shock and Fatigue Resistant
Rated for up to 6,000 kpa

20mm(3/4 in)
Class-C, R=160

330 degree Rotating
Resisters Easier Meter
Reading from
Every Direction